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Full Album 

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Full album print and duplicate

 It from Cd or cassette includes Album art on Cd jacket insert and bar code for sales with standard Cd cases

Cd Throne can Lazer  print

your Cd's and or your jackets

at a discounted price with free cases




   Cd Printing Publishing and Duplication


We can duplicate your Pre-recorded Cd Cassette or digital media for you starting at $49.95 for 100 Cd's


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Cassette to Cd 

We have been at the music

business for over 40 years. 

Each of our professional staff includes  over 40 years each experiencs in the music recording producing and production that mean we know what you want as musicians and our prices are guaranteed the best 

We can transfer your Cassette with

Hi quality sound editing software

starting at $19.95 for 10 Cd's the more you buy the bigger the discount